A Community Church
making an Impact

Greenbank is a busy and active community-based church with well over one thousand people attending one of the thirty-seven groups that run each week.

People use our premises from Monday to Saturday of whom over 40% are of school age.
Volunteers contribute 445 hours per week to 37 different groups
The economic contribution that Greenbank makes to the local economy every year.
People attend one-off events at Greenbank in a year
The background

In 2015 against a background of identified community need, rising costs and buildings that were not fit for purpose the Kirk Session set about the task of determining how best it might ensure a lasting legacy for generations to come.

A community audit work reinforced the value placed on what was currently being done and pointed to several initiatives that could be implemented. Some have already been realised and are now among the most popular community-based activities hosted within the church buildings.

What is planned
Alongside the community analysis

Research work was done to ascertain the suitability and financial and environmental sustainability of our existing church buildings.

It soon became clear that the church’s property was restricting the congregation’s ministry within the local community, was costly to maintain and in need of redevelopment. A fundamental change to the current buildings was required if the church was to resource and address the existing and future needs of the community.

As a result of this, our Legacy Project was born with a vision to create a sustainable worshipping congregation serving the community for generations to come.

What is planned

By taking action now, we can help our church continue to serve the community for the generations that will follow us.

The plan has secured the overwhelming support of the Kirk Session and congregation. Were we to be able to proceed with these plans we would;

  • Create a week round, community hub that would be a real community resource,
  • Have the physical capability to meet identified community need,
  • Provide modern toilet and kitchen facilities,
  • Provide access for those with disabilities,
  • Secure a complex that is financially sustainable with significant efficiency, gains in operating the building,
  • Reduce our carbon footprint.

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

If you have any questions about these plans then please either write to us at the address below or email office@greenbankglasgow.org.uk and we will be pleased to answer them.