Get Involved

While the current lockdown still curtails some of the activities we enjoyed before COVID-19, There are lots of ways you can help us fundraise. Whether you’re into baking, fitness, socialising or gaming, here are some exciting ideas for how you can support the Legacy Fund during these challenging times .

Donate your commute

We know times are tough and not everyone can afford to – but if you’re currently working from home why not consider donating the price of one day’s bus/train/tube

Donate whatever you’re not spending money on

What else are you not spending money on whilst restricted to the house? Coffees at a coffee shop, child care, petrol, treats at the till, or haircuts?

Home challenges

If you’re at home with children, set them a challenge and sponsor them for it. It could be cooking, cleaning, or making something creative. It could be built up in coins, if you’ve still got any, or with a calendar where you tick off (or tear off?) each day that they complete their challenge. Or why not ask them to draw a traditional giving thermometer to show the total they’ve raised so far?

Coin hunt

We hear how much money is stuck down the back of sofas, so why not see what you can find in your furniture? This might be the one bit of spare time you ever get to focus on such an exercise. What you can find?

Then maybe round-up what you find to the nearest pound and donate it.

Host a virtual social event

  • Virtual dinner party – invite your friends to dinner over webcam. You can all donate to attend, or pay what you would have spent dining out. For even more fun, set up your own Come Dine With Me or Ready, Steady, Cook challenge!
  • Movie night – use the Netflix Party Chrome Extension to host a movie night for you and your friends, with everyone logging on from their sofa at home and donating the cost of a cinema ticket.

Play games

  • Online pub quiz – become the quizmaster and raise a glass with your friends and family! You could host the quiz on video chat or send questions by email.
  • Virtual showdown – challenge your friends and family to a poker night, chess tournament, Dungeons & Dragons or bingo over video chat, with a donation per entry and a prize for the winner!

Get active

  • Choose your challenge – pick an exercise to do every day for a month – anything from jumping jacks to hopping on your exercise bike if you have one – and ask friends and family to sponsor you to keep it up!
  • Most in a minute – who can do the most sit ups, kick ups or squats in a minute? Challenge your friends, family and colleagues and ask for videos as proof!

Fundraising Activities

Chair Based Exercise Classes

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This involves a gentle warm-up from sitting, heart rate raiser from standing (participants have the option to do from sitting), strength and balance (participants have the option to do from sitting) and finally cool-down…

Gentle Yoga

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How about a gentle yoga and meditation class one evening a week. You need to be quite mobile and able to get down to and up off the floor. If you…
Lockdown Library at Greenbank Church

Lock Down Library

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A great way to stay occupied through lockdown, reuse and recycle and help the church. Have you run out of good books to read and maybe have a few cluttering…