As per the minister’s email of 15 September (copy below), East Renfrewshire Council’s Planning Applications Committee approved the church’s planning application.  However, the care home planning application on the church’s north site was rejected.

The care home developer has carefully scrutinised the decision notice from the Council and their planning consultants have advised them to proceed with an appeal.  That appeal process is now being set in motion. The appeal will be examined by a representative of the Scottish Government and is no longer in the hands of East Renfrewshire Council.

Unfortunately, there will be a further delay until the appeals process is completed.  A decision is due to be made by the Scottish Government Reporter by 20 April 2023.  If the appeal is successful, the land sale could then be completed.

Turning now to our own successful planning application, the Kirk Session has decided to await the outcome of the care home appeal before proceeding with any work in our plan.  The current sanctuary and halls will remain as is at present with only the essential maintenance being undertaken.  The reason for this is to ensure no funds are committed until we are certain of the sale of the land and the subsequent proceeds being received.  If the appeal was unsuccessful, we do not wish to have spent funds already gratefully received from your donations/pledges if a different course of action is potentially required.

During this delay period, the Legacy Project Group will reassess the need for space and the community need and we may also look at gathering community feedback on the requirements post pandemic.  The aim as always is to provide a sustainable future for the congregation and although frustrating, this further delay will not detract from our long term goal of leaving a lasting legacy to the next generation.


Email from Jeanne Roddick 15 September 2022


This week the Planning Applications Committee at East Renfrewshire approved the church’s planning application for the renovation and extension of the buildings at Greenbank. This is very welcome news. As you know, the land to the north of the church was being sold and a care home developed.  The Planning Applications Committee did not approve the care home application for a number of reasons and we are now waiting on the written judgement. Once that has been read carefully we will consider the next steps along with the care home.

Our aim has been to ensure that a sustainable worshipping congregation of God’s people remains in our community for many years to come.  That remains our prime objective. Keep this aim in your private thoughts and prayers and we will be back in touch with any update as on as we can.


A timeline of the Greenbank Legacy Project is noted below for your information


June Our requirements were discussed at length and presentations were made to the congregation with the different options.
2014 – 2019 Our requirements were discussed at length and presentations were made to the congregation with the different options.
February The preferred options were to either build a new church on the manse site and sell other ground or to refurbish and extend the current sanctuary. Agreed to option appraisal.
April Architect appointed to carry out an appraisal.
September Session received the option appraisal and agreed to refurbish and extend.
June Session agrees to sell the land to the care home developer and to appoint Page Park.
November Overwhelming support received from the congregation for the refurbishment and extension plan.
December Contract to sell the land signed.
March Care home planning application submitted.
May Greenbank planning application submitted.
September Care home planning was refused but Greenbank’s application was approved.
December Care home planning appeal submitted to the Scottish Reporter.
April Final decision is expected from the Scottish Reporter by 20 April.


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