What is planned?

The aim is to make improvements to Greenbank Parish Church that would address fundamental problems with our property in ways that celebrate the beauty, dignity and history of the sanctuary building.

  • The listed sanctuary (the original building) and chancel would be retained and become a multi-purpose space.
  • A new 350m2 extension to the south of the sanctuary would be added, containing a new entrance, welcoming gathering space, multipurpose hall, sports hall, play space, kitchen, toilets, storage and administration space
  • And we would like to create a new pedestrian and vehicle entrance from Mansefield Road leading to a new parking and drop off space adjacent to the proposed new entrance, fully accessible and with no stairs to be overcome.

There is a great deal of work still to do and of course all that we have in mind will be subject to various approvals processes.

The image shows what the site could look like, with the main sanctuary of the church with its new extension to the manse side.

You can see the proposed new, level driveway from Mansefield Road, with dedicated parking spaces for those needing assistance. This leads to the entrance into the new extension. Access to the sanctuary for wedding and funeral cars would be via a widened manse driveway with space to turn.

Approaching from Eaglesham Road, a few steps lead to the front of the sanctuary.  The proposed extension can be seen to the left of the current sanctuary.  Many people have urged us to ensure that the current building is retained, and you can see from this graphic that this would be done, preserving the church’s well established and deserved iconic position in the community.


Of Design

The following two graphics show the flexibility of what is planned.  The first has the sanctuary set out as it might be for an event with people at tables and the main hall with a seating layout.

The other plan shows the sanctuary cleared for an activity, the main hall with tables and the multi-purpose space with seating.

Greenbank Church Redeveloped Sanctuary Layout Options

The central cloister area

The plan would be that you enter the extension, from the driveway off Mansfield Road into a central cloister area. This would be where people might meet up after morning service, or where parents would gather to collect children during the week.  It is also a space that could be used by those coming to or leaving the many activities that take place in a normal week or simply a space to come and sit and meet others.   This is an impression of what this cloister area could look like.

The main hall

We have worked through the timetable of the various activities that take place within our Church and are satisfied that everything and more could be accommodated. This is an example of what the Church Halls could look like.

The remaining part of the site

has been sold for the development of a residential care facility, subject of course to the developer securing all the appropriate approvals. A graphic produced by the developer shows what they plan. Seen from the main road, the church and care home would be an attractive set of complementary buildings

By taking action now, we can help our church continue to serve the community for the generations that will follow us.

The plan has secured the overwhelming support of the Kirk Session and congregation. Were we to be able to proceed with these plans we would;

  • Create a week round, community hub that would be a real community resource,
  • Have the physical capability to meet identified community need,
  • Provide modern toilet and kitchen facilities,
  • Provide access for those with disabilities,
  • Secure a complex that is financially sustainable with significant efficiency, gains in operating the building,
  • Reduce our carbon footprint.

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

Help Us Make A Difference 

If you have any questions about these plans then please either write to us at the address below or email office@greenbankglasgow.org.uk and we will be pleased to answer them.